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Summer Watermelon Juice

This blog post is dedicated to a super simple summer watermelon juice recipe. I was craving something refreshing and cool this weekend. The temperature is starting to creep up here in Los Angeles, and I’ve started to turn on the air conditioning earlier in the day. As summer approaches, I’ve started to make my favorite hot weather drinks more. This watermelon juice drink is one of my favorites to make on a hot day. If you want to make it an alcoholic drink, just add Vodka any other clear alcohol that doesn’t have too strong of an underlying flavor (e.g. gin).

Perfect Drink for Parties

This is a refreshing drink to serve when you’re hosting a backyard barbeque or you’re hosting dinner for a large group since one large watermelon will yield a few drinks. With one watermelon you should be able to make around 8 cups. However, if you’re planning on making it for yourself, one watermelon might be too much to only use for juice. Usually, one large watermelon is way too much for my husband and me to eat in a week. First, I’ll use half of the watermelon for this drink. Then, I’ll cut up the rest of it up for a healthy snack to eat later. Finally, I’ll freeze any leftover watermelon that we can’t finish in the first week.

Beauty in Simplicity

You can make this drink with just watermelon if you didn’t want to add the lime and the mint, therefore, I really love how simple the recipe is. Watermelon is usually so sweet on its own–especially when it’s in season–that you won’t need to add sugar to this, and it’s 100% natural so it’s completely guilt-free!

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summer watermelon juice
Summer Watermelon Juice with Mint Leaves

Summer Watermelon Juice Recipe

Time needed: 10 minutes

Makes 4 servings – 1 cup each serving

  1. Cut up half of a watermelons and add to blender

    First, cut up your watermelon and get rid of as much rind as possible. This helps to make your watermelon juice sweeter.
    Then, Add the cut-up watermelon to the blender and mix until the watermelon has turned into a pulp. If the watermelon is sweet enough, you can add water to get a more juice-like consistency.

  2. Add lime and mint

    Cut a lime in half and give it a good squeeze into watermelon juice. Add a few mint leaves and blend again.

  3. Add vodka or soju (optional step)

    If you want to make your drink alcoholic, add a shot of clear alcohol. I would recommend using light flavored alcohols such as vodka or soju.

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