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Winter Thoughts

It’s been about 7 months since we started quarantining because of COVID. Jesse and I have our own different thoughts and feelings about being cooped up. I have been enjoying some aspects of staying at home more: cooking more, starting new projects, drinking less, and having enough time for grad

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We decided to visit Banff for Jesse’s 28th birthday.  We were looking for a destination that was not too far to travel to and doable within a 4 day weekend. The original plan was to spend 3 full days here but after me missing my flight and then the later

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In this article, I share my experience and tips on how to make a major career change. First, I wanted to share a little about my background. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering about 7 years ago.  I currently work in technical marketing/business development in the

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Southeast Region  Jökulsárlón – This was my favorite natural wonder that we visited in Iceland.  I remember feeling the breath leave my body and staring in awe.  At the top of this bright blue lake filled with glimmering floating icebergs.  We took a boat ride around the lagoon to get

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Working from home is probably something new for most of the workforce. Hashtag #WFH and work from home products/solutions are flooding the internet space. If you’re lucky enough to able to work from home, you might have noticed that there are challenges that come along with the WFH lifestyle. If

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Artist Date Activity Ideas During Quarantine

In this post, I’ll be exploring different artist date activity ideas that you can do during the quarantine. In case you’ve never heard of an Artist Date is, it is a tool taught by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. She describes an Artist Date as a way to nourish your inner artist. The Artist Date involves taking yourself on a solo date and playing with your inner artist. The activity can be simple and does not need to be “overly artistic”…

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