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Mexico City

I visited Mexico City in 2018 for a few days and I did a great job of being present, but I didn’t snap too many photos for the blog unfortunately. I wanted to share the few photos that I did get and put together a short list of things that you can easily do if you have a short stop over in Mexico City. During this trip I spent most of my time with my friends and a lovely family in Texcoco, a city 2 hour west of Mexico City. The photos of the fountain and cow skull are from their back yard. I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful experience I had during my time with the people I met on this trip. It was beautiful and spiritually fulfilling, and I can’t wait to visit Mexico City again. I will definitely take more photos next time.

Notes – Mexico City

  • Stay: Hostel DF Mexico City ($) – Budget Hostel
  • Transportation: Rental Car and travel by foot
  • Grab a drink or dinner at Miralto, a bar at the top of a skyscraperGrab a drink or dinner at Miralto, a bar at the top of a skyscraper
  • Grab dinner at Michelin Star Restaurant, Pujol. I wasn’t able to visit this restaurant, but I’ve heard amazing things about this place from friends. I would recommend getting a reservation if you plan on eating here
  • Walk around Mexico City downtown area. You can walk around the de la Constitución. This is the main square in Mexico City. There are several bars, restaurants, and museums in the area. The monument to the Revolution also lights up in magenta pink in the evenings and is quite beautiful
Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
Hostel Patio
Hostel Mexico DF Patio
Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
Teotihuacán Archaeological Site
Mexico City Favela
Favelas in Mexico City
Water fountain

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