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Winter Thoughts

It’s been about 7 months since we started quarantining because of COVID. Jesse and I have our own different thoughts and feelings about being cooped up. I have been enjoying some aspects of staying at home more: cooking more, starting new projects, drinking less, and having enough time for grad school applications. I also really miss some aspects of my life that I probably took for granted prior to when quarantines started being imposed. The thing I miss the most is probably being able to see friends without much planning or thought. Nowadays, I have to really consider who I might be putting at risk if I choose to spend time with friends in person. It’s also challenging because I think that most people have different opinions on the matter. What makes it more challenging are the nuances in the differences between everyone’s opinions and comfort-levels.

I wonder if everyone is dealing with sudden waves of lethargy and apathy. I find myself going through daily energy level fluctuations–from excited and motivated to deflated and exhausted. I notice that I feel very unproductive most days–regardless of how much work I get done. I find myself spending more time taking a step back, practicing being kinder to myself, reflecting on things, and appreciating the importance of relationships and human connection. I savor each time I get to see a good friend for a short while now.

What I am currently….

Reading: Neurodharma by Rick Hanson
Cooking: Milkbar’s Crack Pie
Listening To: Can’t help myself – Vincent, Pauline Herr
Learning: How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You
Using to save my skin: Skinfix Barrier + Triple Lipid-Peptide Cream

Hiking on the Angeles Crest

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