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Travel December 11, 2017

7 Days in Iceland

Photo: Overlooking Jökulsárlón lagoon
This particular vacation/adventure was special for me because I rarely traveled with my parents as a kid.  I am so grateful that I was able to spend this time with them although I must admit 10 hours a day in a car with your parents has its several moments of discomfort. When I originally started planning this vacation one of my fears was 7 days would be too long in Iceland (with my parents) and that I was wasting days where I could potentially add one more country to my itinerary.  The second largest fear would be that it would be difficult to navigate the road through harsh weather conditions.  Both fears were proven to be useless after day 3 of traveling the island.
Lifestyle, Style September 2, 2017

Life Hack – Clean Make Up Brushes

So I hate admitting that when I was younger I wasn’t as careful about how I took care of my make up or my make up brushes.  Since we use our brushes every day sometimes it slips your mind to clean our tools.  Bacteria build up on make up brushes can cause break outs and germ growth so it is important that your brushes are cleaned regularly.

Meditations July 15, 2017

Love at 27

I wanted to touch a little on my relationships.  The moving point in the timeline of my tumultuous love life has finally reached a point where there is no drama and an abundance of healthy love.  I look back on many of past relationships with proverbial 20/20 hindsight and think  “why was I so stuck?” just to remember that those relationships, as much of a wreck as they were, have gifted me some of the most important life lessons I’ve learned.

Meditations March 18, 2017

Why I Practice Yoga

dancer pose

Update: I no longer practice at a studio, I have a personal practice at home and I’ve started teaching practice forum classes on the weekends and private lessons at my loft.

Travel March 8, 2017

Travel Planner – Denver Colorado

Photo above detail: View of denver skyline from the 19th floor at Westin in Lodo

I touched down in Denver and stayed at the Westin in Lodo district of Denver Colorado.  Stayed on the 19th floor in a room with a beautiful view. The rest of my friends touched down and went to grab a slice of pizza at the local pizzeria sliceworks where I tired a Samurai Rice Ale by the great divide for the first time, really light and clean as expected.
Meditations October 21, 2016

Why I Journal

Sometimes with so many tasks on my todo list, responsibilities, and want to do’s my head starts to spin at how many things I am trying to juggle, how many emotions I am trying to manage, and not to mention all of the dizzying random personal thoughts that run through my head.

Meditations September 19, 2016

Living with Anxiety

My personal story of my experience with anxiety started with a few bumps in my life path and  having a few number of things not go the way that I planned. I’m not going to say that I have conquered it but I have gotten much better at acknowledging that anxiety is real and that it will pass and that its not going to hurt me.
Food August 2, 2015

Recipe Card – Thai Stuffed Bell Peppers

I’m a huge fan of stuffed bell peppers because there are so many combinations of ingredients you can use to make them and they can be very healthy depending on the ingredients you use.  I had purchased ground turkey this week from the local market and I decided to make a variation of the Spicy Thai Basil recipe — Spicy Thai Basil stuffed bell peppers with rice. Garden Basil

Food September 24, 2014

Recipe Card – Mango Sticky Rice

This week I attempted one of my thai restaurant favorites: sticky rice with mangoes. It’s kind of a perfect dessert because its not overbearing but its savory enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. *Some tips for this recipe: Use riper mangos, and use the water that you soak the sticky rice in to cook it.