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4 Miracle Remedies For Monster Hangovers

After a fun and tiring weekend of work-social events, bar hopping, and Sunday afternoon bloody-maries I woke up with terrible bags under my eyes that I had never seen before.

Needless to say I was mortified since I basically just grew two new friends under my eyes.  I rushed to my kitchen to sort through the pantry and check to see what could use to mitigate the puffy dry skin under my eyes.  I pulled out my peppermint tea bags and ran them under cold water. I had heard that tea bags and caffeine usually help with bags.  Granted, the peppermint tea didn’t have any caffeine, the mint helped soothe the skin and the coldness calmed down the swelling a little.

These are my absolute musts after a heavy night of alcohol and god awful sleep

  •  Coconut water (coconut water has tons of electrolytes and not too much sugar which causes a hangover to get worse)
  •  Jogging, running, or any other form of light cardio (it may be the last thing you want to do but I promise you might not feel terrific but you’ll  feel better after)
  • Tons of water, regardless of whether you choose to exercise or not
  • Chilled tea bags if your eyes are swollen

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