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Lifestyle, Loft, Style April 18, 2018

Tips for Living in a Small Open Space Loft

After Jesse

Before I moved to downtown Los Angeles, I romanticized the idea of living in an artsy loft with no walls, high ceilings, and a bohemian feel where my artistic spirit could live and create as much as she wanted.I wish I could say that was what actually happened when I moved here but the reality is that making 750 SF of space with no built in storage work with 2 people and no walls is as challenging as it sounds. I also have to say that its still a work in progress, and we are still selling and buying items that we think would make living here easier for the both of us.

Lifestyle, Style September 2, 2017

Life Hack – Clean Make Up Brushes

So I hate admitting that when I was younger I wasn’t as careful about how I took care of my make up or my make up brushes. ¬†Since we use our brushes every day sometimes it slips your mind to clean our tools. ¬†Bacteria build up on make up brushes can cause break outs and germ growth so it is important that your brushes are cleaned regularly.