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Food August 2, 2015

Recipe Card – Thai Stuffed Bell Peppers

I’m a huge fan of stuffed bell peppers because there are so many combinations of ingredients you can use to make them and they can be very healthy depending on the ingredients you use.  I had purchased ground turkey this week from the local market and I decided to make a variation of the Spicy Thai Basil recipe — Spicy Thai Basil stuffed bell peppers with rice. Garden Basil

Food September 24, 2014

Recipe Card – Mango Sticky Rice

This week I attempted one of my thai restaurant favorites: sticky rice with mangoes. It’s kind of a perfect dessert because its not overbearing but its savory enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. *Some tips for this recipe: Use riper mangos, and use the water that you soak the sticky rice in to cook it.